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Zodiac Nature2 Express Mineral Sanitizer - Complete System
This easy-to-install mineral purifier and sanitizer reduces the need for chlorine up to 80% and softens the water, at the same time!

SKU# W20086

SKU: W20086

MSRP: $210.03


Quick Overview

This easy-to-install mineral purifier and sanitizer reduces the need for chlorine up to 80% and softens the water, at the same time!

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  • Zodiac Nature2 Express Mineral Sanitizer - Complete System
Product Description
Besides being so easy to install, it can be done by homeowners in 10 minutes. Nature2 Express Purifiers offer many other benefits:

• On-going purifying action for a whole 6 months. Requires no electrical connections and no adjustments.
• Ceramic balls collect the particles that the filter fails to stop to clarify the water in your pool.
• Disinfectant mineral particles are distributed throughout the pool. These minerals are added in controlled amounts and they combine with the chlorine to enhance its effectiveness against bacteria, algae, and micro-organisms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. With Nature2, will pool maintenance be different in any way? Yes. Nature2 considerably reduces the need for pool chemicals and general upkeep. The water is controlled and cleaned as before, but the filter will stay a lot cleaner and it will be much easier to obtain the right water balance.

2. But do I still need to use chlorine? You’ll need to use a small amount of slow-acting chlorine which works so as to disinfect the water in synergy with the minerals provided by Nature2 and oxidize all the particles that are eliminated. With Nature2, we recommend a very low chlorine content, which won’t even be noticed by the people using the pool.

3. When do I need to carry out shock chlorination? You won’t need to do this as a routine preventive measure- only if the water turns cloudy. Besides that, when you put in a new cartridge, you will need shock chlorination to activate it.

4. Can it be used with other products? Yes. Nature2 can be used with most standard products, except for bromine based treatments, chlorine free disinfectants of the biguanide type (PHMB), or products containing copper. If necessary, you can always go back to standard chlorine treatment any time you want.

5. Is Nature2 a filter? No. A filter’s job is to remove dirt and impurities. Nature2 cleans the water by destroying bacteria, algae, and viruses that are too small to be caught by the filter. You need a combination of the two, a filter plus Nature2, with the filter working exactly the same as it would without Nature2.

6. Is there a anything likely to affect the life of the cartridge? No. Filtration time, intensive use, and high temperatures, do not affect the life or efficiency of the cartridge, which remains active for 6 months in any private pool.

7. Are the minerals safe, even in very small quantities? The minerals used with Nature2 are absolutely no threat to health because they’re used in tiny concentrations which never, under any circumstances, increase (the system uses no electrical power and the minerals are only present in the form of trace elements).

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